South City is a historic community in Tallahassee, Florida that borders a promising commercial district.

Once a central hub for many residents, the area has languished over the years from inadequate public infrastructure and lack of economic development. We are working hand-in-hand with the residents of South City and community partners to restore this neighborhood to a vibrant community where neighbors play, learn, and succeed together.

Working side by side with residents and community leaders, the South City Foundation is revitalizing the neighborhood through quality mixed-income housing, a cradle-to-career education pipeline, and community wellness programs.

South City is in an optimal location for new development and improved opportunities for residents.

  • FSU and FAMU campuses are nearby
  • Adjacent to Capital City Country Club
  • Surrounded by upcoming and rebounding neighborhoods
  • Redevelopment opportunities on vacant parcels and the site of the Orange Avenue Housing Complex
  • Repurposing opportunity with an existing vacant school building
A sense of security is essential to a person’s ability to thrive, be healthy and serve as a productive member of society. And security starts in the home. We should all see the value of South City becoming a safe, secure and thriving place to call home.
Mark O'BryantPresident & CEO, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare