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Community Quarterback

What is the South City Foundation?

In the Purpose Built Communities model, a local lead organization ("community quarterback") is the most critical component of a successful revitalization initiative. This group engages personally with residents to be understanding and responsive to their needs and concerns, while also building effective partnerships with public and private stakeholders and investors that can help deliver the vision. The South City Foundation is the community quarterback for the holistic neighborhood revitalization efforts in South City.

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Holistic Revitalization

What is Purpose Built Communities?

Purpose Built Communities is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by Tom Cousins, Warren Buffett, and Julian Robertson to replicate the East Lake/Atlanta model of holistic community revitalization in other cities and neighborhoods around the United States. It was created to serve as a catalyst by working with local leadership organizations and area residents to build thriving, economically diverse communities all across the country.

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What is a holistic approach to community transformation?

Holistic community revitalization is a proven, comprehensive method of providing an underserved neighborhood with the necessary programs, services, and infrastructure to transform it into a thriving community with equitable access to all. The work is done in partnership with residents, business and community leaders and emphasizes empowerment and affordability.

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What changes are happening in South City?

South City Foundation is working alongside area residents and local business and community leaders to honor South City’s history and secure its future. Our work emphasizes empowerment, affordability, and equitable access to goods and services, with a focus on mixed-income housing, cradle-to-career education, community wellness, and neighborhood leadership.

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Where is the work being done?

Our efforts are focused on the historic South City community, which is bounded on the north by East Magnolia Drive, Jim Lee Road on the east, Orange Avenue on the south, and South Monroe Street on the west.

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Who is involved in this project?

This effort can only be done with the leadership, buy-in, and support of those who live in South City. We have many partners to help us get there, including:

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How can I support South City Foundation?

We need your help to achieve change! Community revitalization requires all stakeholders to get engaged if we want to make meaningful investments in this historic neighborhood.

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