Engagement with residents is integral to Empowering Community.

Our goal is to honor South City's history while securing its future. This can only be done with the leadership, buy-in and support of those who live in South City.

Working alongside local residents and leaders, the South City Foundation serves as the community’s quarterback for neighborhood revitalization. As a Purpose Built Network member, our work focuses on establishing mixed-income housing opportunities, a cradle-to-career education pipeline, and robust community health and wellness programs throughout South City.

We have many partners to help us get there, including the Tallahassee Housing Authority, Leon County Schools, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Florida Blue, Community Foundation of North Florida, Envision Credit Union and Whole Child Leon. We are also developing a Neighborhood Leadership Council to ensure our progress is resident-owned and community-driven.

The South City Foundation is special because it provides residents opportunities to take a direct part in the revitalization of their community. From schools to health care to housing, residents are invited to share their vision and feedback at every part of the process.
Brenda WilliamsExecutive Director, Tallahassee Housing Authority